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About Benson & Brown

Benson & Brown: not just another company but real people who make shirts!

Beyond the Benson & Brown company stands a team of passionate people who want to offer the best of themselves and the best of what they have to offer.

As most of the time in life, Benson & Brown is the story of an encounter: the encounter of an e-commerce geek and a tailoring specialist who tried to combine their expertise in order to move a millennium old craftsmanship into the e-world.

Further to the early adjustments, Benson and Brown now operate like any dynamic e-commerce company, it is fast, value oriented, international, service obsessed and most of all its people simply care!
Although our e-store happens to be cutting edge, our tailoring has remained as conservative as old British tailor houses. We craft each shirt as a single item. We receive a cut of fabric in the morning and turn it into a shirt by sunset.
When you order a shirt by us, we cater to you and you only. There is no middleman: our online team is directly involved with the tailors and seamstresses that turn 2 meters of pure cotton into a beautiful shirt.
We source the fabrics ourselves, directly from the biggest importers and dealers in the business.
We ship and manage your order directly from our central hub: we do not subcontract shipping to a third party.
Also, you will get a personal direct relationship with our tailoring support online staff…
Although our clients say we are the best, we are not perfect... But when an issue arises, you do not get to deal with just another ‘’customer service employee’’ but with US, the same people who make your shirts!
We thank you for your trust!
The Benson & Brown team