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Business Shirts

Men's business shirts project the business image and are a staple in the professional wardrobe for men in a range of professions. Custom men's business shirts are tailored to fit the individual customer and offer a better fit than you will find in the typical off the rack business shirt. We have a selection of business shirts, including long sleeve business shirts and casual business shirts, custom fit to your exact body type.

We offer a selection of shirts that includes long sleeve business shirts and casual business shirts. View our online catalog to see our shirt collection or create your own shirt on our website. When you find men's business shirts that fit your work place and individual sense of style, select the shirt and complete your order. After you checkout with your first purchase, you will be asked to create an account and provide your measurements.

This information will be used to create a custom designed pattern for the initial order and all future orders of men's business shirts and casual business shirts. Be thorough in measuring and have someone help you to ensure the correct fit for your shirt. You can create size profiles for more than one need, such as formal and casual business shirts and use this information in future ordering directly from your online account at Benson and Brown website.

Benson and Brown use the finest materials, including Italian and Swiss cottons in our business shirts. All our men's business shirts are crafted with the finest quality construction methods and tailoring tradition. This includes hand cut patterns and hand finished seams with close attention in every step of the tailoring process.

Some people need to feel the fabric in order to feel confident in their purchase. If you prefer to see and feel the fabric in person prior to ordering, this is possible. You can order fabric samples to see the quality of our fabrics before ordering long sleeve business shirts or casual business shirts. Contact us by email for more information or to purchase samples.