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Green Commitment

Benson and Brown is aware that environment protection is the most important challenge facing mankind. Indeed, in order to allow future generations enjoy life on our beautiful planet, we all need, at private or corporate level, to take tangible actions to protect earth.
As an online business, the Benson and Brown model is green by essence: indeed, factual research has proven that buying goods online generates fewer carbon emissions than driving or taking a bus to the shops…
Moreover, our products are also totally environment friendly as we only use natural fiber fabrics.
Though, we still thought we could do better to reduce our carbon footprint, and have taken a series of measures to fulfill our commitment to earth:
-          Benson and Brown has fitted its online team with laptop computers as those have been proven to use 90% less energy than desktops.
-          Benson and Brown encourages its team members to use public transportation to go to work, by settling their monthly public transportation fees.
Benson and Brown is now discussing with a Hong Kong eco-friendly organization as to develop a tailored partnership. Indeed, our idea would be to donate a certain amount of money for each order we ship, the collected sums being used to plant trees in Hong-Kong.
At the end of the day, protecting the earth is more than just a commitment; it is clearly the right thing to do.