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Our Guarantee

Our Products

All fabrics are inspected before tailoring your shirt. Once individual lengths are cut and prior to cutting the shirt, the fabric is inspected once again for any defect. After each step the shirt is checked and upon completion, thoroughly inspected to insure that fit and shirt details follow the customers' wishes. Shirts are once again reviewed during packaging and shipping.

The shirt fabrics offered by Benson & Brown are made of pure cotton: a natural fiber that shrinks. Therefore the fabrics we use might shrink between 1 to 3% on average in their total lifespan. Allowances are counted in when tailoring your shirts for the shrinkage.

The fusing used in a Benson & Brown custom shirt is made by WENDLER and is of the highest quality. It was especially tested with our MONTI fabric catalogue to ensure the stability of the results and a range of weight is available for specific request.

Our Service

All your questions and enquiries will be answered within a 24/48 hours timeframe (excluding weekends and holidays).

We guarantee a worldwide delivery to most destinations within 10 to 12 business days after confirmation of your order. Our rush service can deliver a shirt to most metropolitan centers around the world within 5 working days. Within 24 hours after shipment, we will email you the corresponding Tracking Number that will allow you to track your order at all time until it reaches your door.

Benson & Brown pride themselves on delivering the most luxurious menswear tailoring, coupled with a time intensive and extremely professional customer service.

First Time Customers

Perfection is not a dream... It is what we aim to! Though, when it comes to custom shirts, a perfect fit is rarely met on a first commission. Since we are not on hand for alterations and fittings, we have decided to offer our first time customers an extra guarantee:

On your first shirt, if you are not entirely satisfied with the fit and after coordinating with our staff, you will be able to return it to us for adjustments.

We will then, at no cost either adjust the fit or make a brand new shirt for you. Furthermore Benson & Brown will cover all of the postage, thus ensuring you are entirely satisfied.